The Team


Nicholas Stefanelli

Nicholas Stefanelli is the chef and owner of Masseria and Officina in Washington, DC. Stefanelli grew up in suburban Maryland with a strong influence coming from his close relationship to his Greek and Italian grandparents whose culinary heritage was a fact of life. Visiting Puglia, the source of his Italian roots, Stefanelli became enchanted by the masseria, centuries-old agricultural estates whose residents worked the land, created their own food, and hosted visitors, neighbors, and friends with great warmth. Striking out on his own and building his culinary career in the Nation’s capital, Stefanelli was determined to recreate that sensibility in his first establishment, Masseria and now Officina.

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Sean Tener

Chef de Cuisine

Sean Tener has had the advantage and the pleasure of spending most of his career in the kitchen alongside Nicholas Stefanelli. Their friendship and familiarity has helped create a welcoming atmosphere in the kitchens of Bibiana, Masseria and Officina, fueled by creativity, adrenaline and a shared love of Italian cooking.

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Corporate Pastry Chef, Officina and Masseria

Originally from Spring Lake, Michigan, Jemil began his culinary career at Secchia Institute for Culinary Education in Grand Rapids, Michigan and soon moved on to work at several top West Coast establishments before arriving in DC. He has worked for and learned from notable chefs including Wolfgang Puck, Jean-Louis Palladin and Julian Serrano. From Wolfgang Puck’s Spago to Julian Serrano’s Picasso at the Bellagio, the large scale operations that Jemil has been a part of have helped prepare him for high volume and high pressure projects.

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Beverage Director

Advanced Sommelier John Filkins joins the Officina team eager to share his knowledge of Italian drinking culture with Washingtonians. John’s fascination with the wine world began while working at a local bistro during his undergraduate years studying finance at Loyola University. As John learned the foundations of his wine education, it was the experience of sharing that knowledge with customers that ignited a career-long pursuit of excellence in wine service.

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Tracy Kinnahan

Director of Catering and Events

A DC native, Tracy Kinnahan joins the Officina team with over 25 years of hospitality experience. Responsible for ideating and executing the impressive events and catering programs at Officina, Tracy has the unique opportunity to bring the Officina experience to life for any occasion or celebration. Most recently the catering sales director at Charlie Palmer Steak in DC, Kinnahan has years of experience in both restaurant and retail roles.

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