Jemil Gadea

Corporate Pastry Chef, Officina and Masseria

Originally from Spring Lake, Michigan, Jemil began his culinary career at Secchia Institute for Culinary Education in Grand Rapids, Michigan and soon moved on to work at several top West Coast establishments before arriving in DC. He has worked for and learned from notable chefs including Wolfgang Puck, Jean-Louis Palladin and Julian Serrano. From Wolfgang Puck’s Spago to Julian Serrano’s Picasso at the Bellagio, the large scale operations that Jemil has been a part of have helped prepare him for high volume and high pressure projects.

Prior to the opening of Masseria, Jemil worked alongside Chef Nicholas Stefanelli as the pastry chef at Bibiana. His impressive range of Italian inspired desserts and breads landed him the role of Executive Pastry Chef at Masseria, where he was awarded the 2017 RAMMY award for Best Pastry Chef.

At Officina, Jemil oversees the development and production of all breads, pastries and desserts within the three-story complex. From naturally leavened Roman style pizzas in the market to an impressive display of Italian pastries in the café’s pastry case, to the selection of house-made breads and gelato in the trattoria, Jemil’s expertise and passion for creating authentic Italian desserts and breads can be seen in every aspect of Officina.